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Clients of the Woods Law Firm, P.C., benefit from our practical advice and experience in Texas real estate law and mortgage foreclosure litigation. Our practice on behalf of homeowners, small businesses and nonprofit organizations emphasizes practical solutions to difficult financial problems. When necessary, however, our trial experience can help you protect vital interests through a vigorous defense to foreclosure proceedings or through counterclaims against predatory lenders and their agents.

Our law firm has closely observed the efforts of the Attorney General’s Offices in many states to rein in mortgage lenders whose foreclosure tactics cut too many corners in the name of administrative efficiency. The Texas Attorney General called for a moratorium on foreclosures in October 2010 for the purpose of reviewing the details of major lenders’ compliance with state and federal laws.
Unfortunately, many Texans continue to face the threat of foreclosure, often with no real review of the loan documentation, and the foreclosure papers are frequently supported by baseless affidavits prepared by so-called “robo – signers” who lack any actual knowledge of the facts they are swearing to.

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Dallas-Fort Worth mortgage foreclosure defense attorney Lonnie Woods knows how to protect client interests in the judicial phase of a loan enforcement and liquidation case. He understands the best ways to spot the weaknesses in the lender’s claim and use them to the borrower’s best advantage. In many cases, it is possible to present an effective defense to foreclosure by insisting on strict proof of the lender’s claims.

It frequently turns out that there is no substantial documentary support for the foreclosing party’s position as revealed in the discovery stages of the case. We can then use this leverage to defeat the lender’s claims or develop negotiating leverage toward a favorable and realistic modification of the mortgage terms, which can include reduction of principal balances.

We take a comprehensive view of your defense options in a mortgage foreclosure case in order to expand each client’s legal, practical and financial options for resolving a difficult situation. We review not only the terms of the mortgage, but the details surrounding such matters as the property appraisal, the seller or lender’s disclosures, the accuracy of the closing statement, and the compliance of each party with state or federal truth-in-lending, fair settlement or fair debt collection requirements. Our ability to pursue counterclaims against lenders by itself represents a powerful weapon on our clients’ behalf.

If you anticipate the commencement of mortgage foreclosure proceedings against your home or place of business, or if a judicial or nonjudicial foreclosure is already underway, you should seek a knowledgeable lawyer’s advice as soon as possible. The foreclosure process is deadline-driven, and you stand to lose important rights with the passage of time.
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